Underutilisation Unveiled | Navigating Overutilisation – Is your NDIS plan working for you? Ensuring you get the most out of your NDIS plan is important to help you achieve your goals. Our blog explores how you can maximise your funds by planning your supports efficiently to utilise your budget and steer clear of under or overutilisation pitfalls.

When booking appointments with your NDIS providers, like any other provider, there can be cancellation charges applicable to your plan

Our plan manager Mary explores some of the common questions asked at Aspect Plan Management.
Can I buy subscriptions and memberships with my NDIS funds?
Can I buy phone, tablet, laptops [iphone/ipads] with my NDIS funds?

  At Aspect Plan Management, our participants often ask us questions about what can be funded through their NDIS plans.

Here at Aspect Plan Management our participants often come to ask questions about what can be funded through their NDIS

Your core budget is flexible and can include a range of different products that will help you in your daily life and activities. Once an amount is allocated in your plan, you choose how you spend it – providing it relates to your support needs and meets the reasonable and necessary tests. Learn more

The NDIS has been making the news a lot recently, and not in a good way. The Australian Criminal Intelligence

It is often hard to determine what NDIS will fund and what is not an eligible item to be claimed

Consider the following things when deciding what to buy with your NDIS funding: 1. Will the support or service help

At Aspect Plan Management, we receive many calls from people who are struggling to make sense of their NDIS funding.