All you need to know about NDIS Consumables budget.

All you need to know about NDIS Consumables budget.

Here at Aspect, we know that when it comes to getting the most out of your NDIS plan, understanding the different budget categories and what they include is the most important.  

Within your budget there are three support categories: 

  1. Core – these help you with everyday activities, disability needs, and goals 
  1. Capacity – these help you to build your independence and skills to pursue your goals 
  1. Capital – providers funding to cover higher-cost, once-off purchases you may need such as home or vehicle modifications 

For more information about all three of these categories, head to our recent article Your NDIS budget cheat sheet: how to maximise your plan. 

Funding for your consumable products is included in the core supports budget. 

Is my core budget flexible? 

Yes! Your core budget is flexible and can include a range of different products that will help you in your daily life and activities. Once an amount is allocated in your plan, you choose how you spend it – providing it relates to your support needs and meets the reasonable and necessary tests. Learn more about these tests in What can you spend your NDIS funding on? 

In most cases, funding in the core budget can be used across any of the four supported categories; assistance with daily life, assistance with social and community participation, transportation, and consumables. 

What does consumables mean?

Consumables are disability specific day-to-day items that you may need to support and manage your personal needs. Your consumables funding enables the purchase of these disability specific daily items, with many items ‘off the shelf’ and readily available instore or online. 

What are some examples of consumables?

 Everyone’s NDIS plan is unique and their requirements for consumables can vary however, NDIS consumables are generally split into six categories: 

  • Daily continence supplies 
  • Wound care products 
  • Nutritional aids 
  • Low-cost assistive technology 
  • Daily living aids 
  • Protective aids 

Some examples of items that could be included in your consumables budget are nutritional supplements prescribed by a health professional such as a thickener product, or disposable continence items like disposable pads, pants, or liners. 

What can I use my consumables budget for?

You can use your consumables budget for items that are needed to support your personal disability needs. However, there are a few things that you cannot use your consumables budget for, including: 

  • Everyday vitamins, medicines, or prescription medications 
  • Daily living expenses, like groceries, rent, or bills 
  • High risk items such as weighted blankets or sensory swings 

Where can I buy consumables products?

Consumables can be purchased from any retail shop such as chemists, supermarkets, hardware stores, and even online. The criterion for these products is that they are readily available to purchase off-the-shelf, are value for money, link to your specific disability needs, and meet the reasonable and necessary criteria.  

How do I claim a consumables product?

If your NDIS plan is self or plan-managed, NDIS consumables providers can be both registered and unregistered. However, if you are agency managed, you can only claim consumables purchased from registered NDIS providers.  

To process your claim, reach out to your plan manager at Aspect with your receipts and invoices and we can process the claims on your behalf – provided it meets the necessary requirements! 

Where can I get more information about consumables?

The NDIS’ consumables code guide lists the most common consumable items purchased with NDIS plan funds. You can visit their site here. Alternatively, ask your plan manager at Aspect for more information! We are happy to help! 

Why Aspect Plan Management?

At Aspect Plan Management, we understand everyone’s situation is different. That’s why we take a flexible and personalised approach to helping you get what you need when you need it most. As an independent plan management company, we provide responsive and individualised service that you can count on.  

Our goal is simple: to take the hassle out of NDIS finances and giving you the time to focus on the things that really matter. We do this by providing efficient, knowledgeable, and reliable services, no matter your needs. We focus on fast payments to make sure you aren’t left out of pocket when you need it most.  

Aspect Plan Management is powered by Gobbill, our own technology platform that works to detect and reduce fraud so you can have peace of mind that your NDIS plan is in good hands.  

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