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Payment Timeframes

We process and pay invoices typically within 2 business days. Please be aware that a payment may take longer than 2 business days due to several reasons:
  • participant’s approval of the invoice,
  • missing details on an invoice required to make a valid NDIS claim,
  • missing supplier details, or
  • incorrect details.

Estimated Processing and Payment Timeframes

Reimbursements > 97% Within 1 business day
< 3% More than 1 business day
Invoice Payments > 96% Within 2 business days
< 2% Subject to participant approval
< 2% Missing information for a valid NDIS claim
If you have not received payment after 2 business days, please contact us via the form below, email [email protected] or call us on 1300 770 986 during business hours.
We are more than happy to assist.

Get in touch

We will respond within 1 business day.

Invoice Requirements

  • Business / Provider name
  • ABN (or Full address if not registered)
  • Bank details
  • Invoice number (unique for each invoice)
  • The customer’s full name
  • NDIS number (recommended but not mandatory)
  • Invoice date
  • Service date
  • The service provided (include the NDIS line item number if known)
  • Hours / Quantity of support provided and at what hourly rate
  • Invoice total (GST exempt or if required, including GST. Please note that the GST inclusive amount cannot be higher that the price cap hourly rate).

Submit an Invoice

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1300 770 986 (business hours)

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