What can I use my NDIS for?

What can I use my NDIS for?

It is often hard to determine what NDIS will fund and what is not an eligible item to be claimed under your plan. The following checklist are the key questions to ask yourself.

  1. Will the support or service help you to achieve the goals in your NDIS plan?

2. Is the cost of the support or service reasonably priced and is it best value for money compared to other supports?

3. Can you afford the support or service within your approved NDIS budget? Remember, your funding needs to last the entire period of your plan.

4. Will the support or service help you to improve how you connect to your local community and improve the relationships you have with family and friends? It should not replace supports that would usually be provided by family, friends and within your community.

5. Is the support or service something that should be funded by other government services instead? For example, dental, health or hospital services, education, housing and public transport are all provided through other government services. Remember, all communities should have facilities and activities that are inclusive and accessible to people with disability.

6. Will the support or service help you to participate in activities with friends and other members of your community, or help you to find or keep a job?

7. Is it safe? Your supports and services should not cause you any harm or put other people at risk.

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