We are pleased to announce that Rochelle Park has joined as a Plan Manager and Head of Aspect Plan Management.

Your Guide to Plan Management Fees
Curious about how NDIS Plan Management Fees work? You’re not alone, and we’re here to provide a straightforward breakdown for you!
Where Does the Funding for Plan Management Come From?
Additional funding is specifically added to your NDIS plan within the ‘Improved Life Choices’ category. This extra funding for Plan Management services is separate

Wondering if the NDIS covers #sensory equipment and disability related #toys? Playtime with finger puppets and balance boards can be fun for everyone, but it is especially important for people with sensory processing disorders. Thanks to proven benefits, you can use your NDIS budget to purchase sensory equipment. We’re here to help you understand what sensory equipment is, how to access your NDIS funding, and how to purchase these items.

When booking appointments with your NDIS providers, like any other provider, there can be cancellation charges applicable to your plan

Our plan manager Mary explores some of the common questions asked at Aspect Plan Management.
Can I buy subscriptions and memberships with my NDIS funds?
Can I buy phone, tablet, laptops [iphone/ipads] with my NDIS funds?

Aspect Plan Management (trading under Gobbill Australia Pty Ltd)Customer Service Specialist (Full-time) Melbourne Headquarters with a global remote working team.

Here at Aspect Plan Management our participants often come to ask questions about what can be funded through their NDIS

Did you now that people with autism are three times more likely to be unemployed than people with other disabilities?

CEO of Gobbill & Aspect Plan Management, Shendon Ewans spoke about NDIS fraud at the Transform Finance Conference (covering Anti-Money Laundering, Fraud, Technology Innovation & Security) 1st December 2022 Crowne Plaza Melbourne.

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