Will the NDIS Fund my supports in advance?

Will the NDIS Fund my supports in advance?

When booking appointments and respite in advance, we often are asked if the invoices can be paid upfront. Unfortunately, the NDIS will not pay for supports until after the date they have taken place.

Why is this?

This is a safeguard for your NDIS funding, in the case that the supports you have planned cannot be undertaken and are cancelled prior to the stipulated cancellation period. If the supports have already been funded, it can take time to refund the amount into your plan and add additional work for yourself and providers to get the funding back.

Not paying for services in advance also give you the most choice and control to make changes as you need without financial impact.

What can I do if a support I require needs payments in advance or from me at the time of delivery?

You can make payment for these services to the provider directly. Following the date of the service being delivered you can then submit the receipt or invoice marked paid to your plan manager for reimbursement back to you.

Here at Aspect, we process your reimbursements within 1 business day of you sending them to us, so you don’t have to worry about being out-of-pocket for long!

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