Wiggles fans with autism spectrum disorder meet their idols

Wiggles fans with autism spectrum disorder meet their idols

Three boys with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) were thrilled to meet their idols Greg, Anthony, Jeff and Murray, also known as the original Wiggles.

During Autism Awareness (Understanding) month, three fortunate boys Haynes, Reily and Ethan had the opportunity to meet their long time idols of the original Wiggles.




Growing up with ASD has met some of them collecting Wiggles memorabilia and remember many detailed facets of their songs and dance moves. “Music connects so well with people with autism because there is order in it and generally they really like order in it” said Murray Cook (Red Wiggle).




“I don’t think we fully understand the impact we’ve had because we don’t see it everyday. But we certainly experience it when they come meet us….”  said Greg Page (Yellow Wiggle)




The originals – Greg, Anthony, Jeff and Murray  spent time with the boys with even Captain Feathersword and Dorothy the Dinosaur crashing the party. The occasion meant a lot to the boys and their parents who wanted raise the awareness of the importance to understanding autism and continued support of the #NDIS funding.




Kristi Eastman, Director of Live Your Best Life says that many people don’t realise what families have to go through.  The melt downs, holes in walls and even domestic violence where their own child is the offender. Understanding more about autism and many other disabilities within our community is what Aspect Plan Management hopes to achieve.

You can watch the @ABC News video here.