Who does what in the NDIS?

Who does what in the NDIS?

Information about the NDIS can be overwhelming, and it can be hard to figure out just who does what and what role they play. In order to make things easier, let’s answer some common questions. So, who does what?

Local Area Coordinators (LAC)

LAC’s act as the main contact for NDIS, helping participants to understand and access it. They help to create NDIS plans and budgets, which are approved by the NDIA, work with you to develop and achieve your goals and make your own choices. LAC’s can also help to implement your plan by helping you to understand and use the supports in your plan that will help you achieve your goals and ensure you get the supports that you need. They can also find and connect you with a plan manager.

Support Coordinator

A support coordinator will assist you to make the best use of services in your NDIS plan. They help you to understand and use your plan, connect you with providers and other services, and help build your capacity by strengthening your skills to use your supports. Their role is to ensure the right mix of supports are used to support your overall wellbeing by increasing your ability to live independently, capacity to manage service delivery tasks, maintain relationships and be included in your community.

Support worker

A support worker will ensure your needs are met and support you with the type of care you require to maintain your wellbeing and increase your independence. This may include help with personal care and daily living activities, including personal hygiene, mobility related tasks, and transport. They can provide household support including cleaning, shopping for groceries and housekeeping. A support worker can also provide emotional support and advocacy, which can range from companionship to helping you communicate, and advocating for you in the community.

Plan Manager

A plan manager will assist and support you by managing your NDIS plan funding. If you request plan management, NDIS will include funding in your plan to pay for it, which is separate from other services and supports in your budget. Plan managers will handle your claims and pay your service providers for you, and reimburse you for any payments you have made upfront. They also help you keep track of your NDIS funding, and let you know if you are overutilising or underutilising your plan.

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